The Way to Reconciliation – Nava Jeevan

Roman government was having its strong hold over Jerusalem, religious leaders were jealous about their ‘Religion’ was joining its hand with ‘politics’, the thing they had in common was ‘corruption’, to be noted religion was more corrupted than politics. Common man was a ‘confused’ spectator of all these. This very day was the day of reckoning for the religious fanatics. They wanted ‘Justice’ to be done, wanted the letters of the law to be fulfilled.

Pilate was on his seat, before him was ‘the man’ whose message was ‘misunderstood’. After much questioning but little answering, the people from infant to elder-began to shout-crucify him, crucify him…. The persons out here were not the only spectators.

The angels along with God were also witnessing this ‘great event.’ The words crucify him, crucify him….could be heard up to heaven, it was the cry of the people, who thought they were obeying God. The angels along with Archangel Michael turned their questioning eyes to each other and then to God. ‘Father’ smiled and gave an unexpected answer. “It’s The Way to reconciliation”.

…… Pilate washed his hands and raised them, declaring his helplessness to ‘the man’ and approval to the crowd. ‘The man’ was dragged and beaten blue and black, crowned by thorns and laid on him was a cross, looking at this wooden structure the angels again raised their eyes, as though asking what was it ? God smiled before giving His answer – ‘ The symbol of reconciliation’.

The procession began to Gol-go-tha, men, women and children gathered to see ‘the man’, they knew nothing about ‘the man’ except that he healed and taught them ‘good’. Many could not understand the whole drama, it was a great confusion’, their minds asked the same question ‘what is justice? mob

….slowly and shakingly and with feet slipping, ‘the man’ began to climb the thorny bush filled hill, leaving behind the foot prints of blood. Followed the ‘confused mob’ and at last reached the place of three crosses, on which were three persons equally seen by the ‘religious’.

The ‘helpless men’ began to question, why ‘the man’ was helpless and can’t save himself? At this very moment Michael got his answer for his next question from God ‘the challenge of reconciliation’.

God seemed happy, when asked why? , ‘watch out’ was the answer. All eyes were on ‘the man’, and then came the words saying ‘My God, My God why did you leave me?

The angels were sure it was not the ‘way of reconciliation’ and looked to get a support of their view, ‘Why’? was the question, surprised was the answer from God – want to hold the hand of ‘confused man’, and it was the ‘end of reconciliation’.

‘The final’ is the apt word for it; ‘the man’ gave up the ghost. Darkness clouded the earth, earth began to shake, everything seemed ‘confusion’, but in all the midst of these, it seemed like all of humanity spoke in ‘one voice’ – truly ‘this man’ was the ‘Son of God’ and to be true he was and he is, the mediator for reconciliation, the lamb of sacrifice, second in Trinity, Lord Jesus Christ. Salute him; bow down, worship and let us all give our lives to carry the message of ‘reconciliation.’




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